Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm currently finishing up a class at UNI called Bilingual Education in Public Schools. When I was enrolling in this class, I had little expectations for what I would be taught. What would I be learning exactly? Now with two weeks left, I have learned so much. My professor did a great job providing the books we needed and additional information so we are able to fully understand the world we will all be teaching in one day. Coming in to this class, I knew nothing about Bilingual Education. Nothing. I did not know there were two different types: additive and subtractive. I was not aware what foreign students had to endure and the importance of their families in the education system. Many topics and ideas have two sides. One side is the side that is for something, that supports bilingualism. And then there is the side that is against bilingualism. We discussed today this article Storm Lake, IA student refuses to take '' demeaning'' test. This story has literally blown my mind. How can this be possible?
Photo Credits to: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

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