Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was watching the news a few days ago on the television. I always find the stories on there really interesting. A report came up regarding a principal who beat this student on the bus. All the children were asked to get off the bus, one student hadn't moved yet, so the principal took it upon himself to remove him. He forcefully, grabbed the student and threw him into the aisle as a bunch of other students watch from the back. I was appalled when I saw this report and the video that came from the bus camera. Here is the link to the article. The video is also included. Be sure to hit "RAW VIDEO: Point Pleasant Bus Video" to see the entire footage from three angles on the bus. I don't understand how someone could do this to a child. I hope he gets tried for this and does not get away with his actions.
Photo Credits to: KN35

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